Food Pantry

The St Francesca Resource Center Food Pantry is open every Tuesday from 9am to 1pm and again from 4pm to 7pm. The pantry is in the school building between Notre Dame Church and the Heyde Center. From the corner of High and Allen Streets, follow the sidewalk north to our door at the base of the large flagpole.


You are invited to choose groceries for your family that you can use for the next two weeks. You are welcome to come back again every other week. There is no charge to you. The food you receive is a gift.

Please bring your own clean box or bag with you.

Food is distributed using a choice system with limits on some items so that each household can have an equal share in our current inventory. You can select the items that you can use each visit. Shelves are continually restocked throughout the day.

Most food items at our resource center come from individual donations, local food drives, business donations, and the Feed My People Food Bank, as well as home grown fresh produce in season. Food and other items are to be accepted “as is.”

If you have any concerns over products received please notify us as soon as possible. Do not use any questionable products.